Used Tires in Portland at $100 Per Set

We have over 120 sets in stock.

More than 2000 tires in our inventory at any given time. If we don't have your size, we can get it. Price includes mounting/balancing and disposal. NO HIDDEN CHARGES - WHAT WE SAY IS WHAT YOU PAY!
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Why Buy Used Tires in Portland Oregon from the Tire Shop?

If you live in the Portland area and are in need of used tires then the Portland Tire Shop should be the only place you need to look for your next set. The used tires we sell are safe, durable, and will typically last you about sixty to seventy percent as long as a brand new tire would.

When it comes to used tires portland, what you're really looking for is how much tread is left. The Tire Shop is home to experts who can tell the difference between a safe and an unsafe tire, and we stand by the tires we sell as being amongst the safest used tires available.

There are a few reasons someone would get rid of a perfectly good tire. After an accident, a whole car may be scrapped and recycled. If the tires are blown out, they wind up in a landfill. If they're still in good shape, they wind up in the Tire Shop.

This means that many drivers may wind up with a set of nearly-new tires for a fraction of the price. It also means that by supporting the used tire industry you keep these tires out of the landfills, so there's definitely an environmental benefit to buying used tires. Buying used tires from The Tire Shop benefits your pocketbook and the environment simultaneously.


We also sell tire chains; these will be important again very soon as the winter weather is just around the corner.  We are a locally owned company, so we understand the conditions in which you drive.  We know that you might use your chains every day, or you may never put them on your tires. This is why we allow you to return your unopened chains at the end of the season, and we will refund you for your purchase.

The Portland Tire Shop is a proud provider of used tires for drivers in the Portland area. We pride ourselves on our high-quality used tires and low prices. All of our prices include mounting, balancing, and disposal, so you won't incur any hidden fees. What we say is what you pay. We have a wide selection of tires, and if we don't have what you need we will find them within a few days. We are also open Monday through Sunday so that we can be here for you if you suffer from a flat tire or a blowout any day of the week.


The Portland Tire Shop is dedicated to providing its customers with safe, quality tires for prices that can fit anyone's budget. We pride ourselves on being the safe, economical, and  green choice for motorists in the Portland area. You can visit our website at http://www.portlandtireshop.com to view testimonials from our customers, check out our hot deals, and contact us via our web page.